We don't want to keep this beautiful place a secret, although many of our guests do!  There is enough to go around – come and make this your own secret getaway…

We have come here from a lovely urban community in Bristol, a chef and an artist, 2 kids and more recently: Horace the dog - already famous in the cottage guest books. We suspected when we chose to take the leap and move here that this was a most idyllic spot. So far this has been confirmed...

In the best research job ever we have stayed as a family in each of the cottages to get a first hand feel for what is needed and to test the practicality and comfort, otherwise how could we know. Beyond this we listen carefully to guest feedback - we aim for "home away from home" as opposed to 5 star with matching cutlery. We now work together as a family and we love it.

With backgrounds in painting, decorating, tiling and ground work we are keen to do as much as we can ourselves and have swiftly formed a strong connection with this beautiful place. We have succumbed to country living surprisingly quickly and despite feeling like an isolated spot here it does not take long to get your bearings and find a fantastic local community of people and small businesses. Kristen's background as a chef has led us to seek out the best places to find local organic produce and true free range meats from local producers with amazing welfare standards. 

We have a flock of sheep! Our gorgeous girls and boys trim the grass in our field for us and we plan to add some chickens to our little smallholding soon, so we and our guests can gather fresh eggs for breakfast. In the meantime we have an egg stand directly over the road so you don't have to go far.

We are mindful of products we are using here and why – so our guests don’t have to be – unless they want to. We don’t believe in putting up signs and instructions everywhere but hope that our system to minimise waste and maximise recycling is easy and obvious, this is a holiday destination after all and we hope that the beauty of the surroundings is enough to dictate this. 

It is wonderful to live somewhere so cared for and clean – we are surrounded by blue flag status beaches and communities who make sure it stays this way. 

We are super excited to have recently proceeded further on our journey to minimise our carbon footprint with jaunty new solar panels, so by day at least we are self-sufficient for electricity. 

A little about Morfa Cove Cottages BU (before us)...

This beautiful collection of circa 1800 converted cottages were once the outbuildings of Morfa Ganol farm, consisting of a dairy, a coach house and two further barns. 

Edwin and Libby, the former owners began their huge project to convert these into the four cottages they are now in 2000. They completed the work, including the pool by 2010.

Their attention to detail, and retention of every characterful feature allows each building to hold an echo of its previous incarnation. This is why we fell in love with the place. 

We are very grateful to have inherited many returning guests, as well as forging new ones. This is without a doubt a place people love to visit again and again, come and see for yourselves...